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Your spotlight on local services

Rochdale residents given the opportunity to share their views on the scale and nature of alcohol harm in Greater Manchester.


Healthwatch Rochdale have facilitated a 'Greater Manchester Big Alcohol Conversation' with a group of isolated and underrepresented Rochdale residents, allowing their views and opinions to be used in identifying actions that will help tackle alcohol related harm.

Attendees at College Bank and Falinge drop in were asked to share their views on the scale and nature of alcohol harm in Greater Manchester, which will be used to produce Greater Manchester's 'Ambition for Alcohol' - a vision for local people's relationship with alcohol, produced by the people who live and work in Greater Manchester.

Issues identified in the conversation included,

a lack of education over the harms of alcohol and knowing when alcohol consumption is becoming a problem

knowing where to go for help

Overcoming the stigmatisation of alcohol related problems so people won't be too embarrassed to access help

lack of policing for alcohol related issues

Problems with young people drinking on the street.

Resident's also stated they felt that alcohol abuse was the problem and not alcohol itself, but there was little support available for those who needed help with their alcohol consumption.

The Big Alcohol Conversation was launched in November by Andy Burnham and The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and is the largest ever engagement exercise undertaken in the region on alcohol harm. It is running until the end of February 2019 and people can get join in the conversation here https://www.thebigalcoholconversation.org/GMCVO-survey

Views gathered during the Big Alcohol Conversation will contribute to Greater Manchester's 'Ambition for Alcohol', a high-level plan of action for tackling alcohol-related harm across the city region due to published during 2019.


Next event

Information, Advice and Signposting Surgery will take place on 21 Feb 2019

Location: Hare Hill Cafe, Littleborough

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