Mission Statement

Healthwatch is a government initiative and every Borough in the country has a Healthwatch of its own.

A statutory role of Healthwatch is to gather feedback from the general public about their experiences of Health and Social Care Services. At Healthwatch Rochdale the feedback is put onto a database and matched up with other people’s feedback.

Healthwatch Rochdale help you find out what Health and Social Care services are available locally, so you can make an informed choice about your care. Healthatch Rochdale offer a free, confidential Independent Complaints Advocacy (ICA) service, independent from the NHS and social care.

Healthwatch Rochdale is the independent consumer watchdog set up to collect information and represent the views of the public on health and social care. Healthwatch Rochdale is here to give patients, service users and local people an opportunity to influence and challenge the way your local health services are run.

Healthwatch Rochdale has a legal right to ‘Enter and View’ any public funded organisation announced or unannounced, with enough evidence from the general public.

Healthwatch Rochdale Values


We are independent and act on behalf of all local people. We challenge and hold account the local health and care services.


We start with local people first. We work for everyone and try our best to represent the views of everyone that uses any health service in Rochdale.


We work with others locally, regionally and nationally and we learn from people’s experience’s


We take what we know and then translate it into actions that improve your local services.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards through openness and frank discussions.

Key Priorities

Every voice counts

We recognise Rochdale borough is a diverse community and so through innovative engagement we will empower people across the Rochdale Borough to
provide feedback on Health and Social Care services. We will

Looking after our people

We value all our people and commit to support, develop and train staff and volunteers to deliver on the core statutory functions of Healthwatch Rochdale.

Improving infrastructure

We will review and invest in our infrastructure to ensure continuous improvements so that we can deliver the best services for the people of Rochdale.

Liaise with local, regional and national stakeholders

We will partner with stakeholders to raise awareness of Healthwatch Rochdale and share relevant information.

Remain viable and sustainable

Healthwatch Rochdale will provide value for money and will work effectively within budget. We will look for opportunities for income generation and ensure financial probity.

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