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Your spotlight on local services


Healthwatch Rochdale started on 1 April 2013. Healthwatch Rochdale board members are local people who have a passion for improving health and social care for communities in the Rochdale borough. The board meets on a eight weekly basis and decisions are taken in an open and transparent way. Board meeting dates are included in our online calendar and minutes are available to read on this website.

Decision making

Our decisions to prioritise the work of Healthwatch Rochdale are based on evidence and stories that we hear from local people, both from the engagement work that we do and intelligence we gather from our partners. Our board members are volunteers and lay people. They work with the staff team to make decisions about our priorities, sometimes forming sub groups to focus on particular issues of interest, either in relation to frontline work or the development of Healthwatch Rochdale as an organisation.


At Healthwatch Rochdale we believe effective decision making is open and transparent and this, and engagement, should always include feedback to those people who have contributed, whether this is through activities or by giving their views. We always share and publicise our meeting minutes, responses to reports or recommendations, or action taken as a result of our activities.


Board Minutes