Findings from Healthwatch Rochdale Enter and View Programme finds variations between care homes on the quality and range of activities offered.

Healthwatch Rochdale has published a report detailing the findings of their Enter and View Summary Programme 2018/19.
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Key findings from the programme found that there were variations between homes regarding the quality and range of activities offered, that homes were not always effective in demonstrating how providing feedback can influence change and that care home staff did not always have a good overall knowledge to provide comprehensive information.


The Enter and View programme was implemented following a public consultation in 2018 and was based on the following care quality indicators developed by Independent Age. According to the indicators a good care home should have:

  1. Have strong and visible management
  2. Have staff with the time and skills to do their job
  3. Have good knowledge of each resident and how their needs may be changing
  4. Offer a varied programme of activities
  5. Offer quality, choice and fexibility around food and mealtimes
  6. Ensure residents can regularly see health professionals such as GPs, dentists, opticians and chiropodists
  7. Accomodate residents, personal, cultural and lifestyle needs
  8. Be an open environment where feedback is actively sought and used


The programme saw Healthwatch Rochdale visiting nine local care homes and speaking with 33 residents, 16 family members,39 staff members and 9 managers. Throughout the programme there was a total of 47 recommendations made with the largest amount of recommendations being made around indicators 2, 4 and 8.

The Enter and View programme was an opportunity for us to talk to people who don’t always have their voice heard and for us to observe the delivery of care. Disappointingly only four of the homes we visited responded to our recommendations and so we have developed an action plan for future visits and will be using our statutory powers to ensure that responses are provided
— Kate Jones, Healthwatch Rochdale Chief Executive Officer

Following on from our 2019 public consultation it has been decided that Healthwatch Rochdale will continue their Enter and View Programme in local care homes for 2019/20.


Enter and View Summary Report

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