General advice and information


Information on coronavirus

Read the latest advice and information from NHS England and Public Health England about the Coronavirus.

Remember, the best way to stop the spread of the virus is to wash your hands with hot water and soap for 20 seconds.

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Coronavirus is affecting my mental health – what can I do?

The current Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic may cause you to feel worried, anxious, or scared. Here's seven steps to help you look after your wellbeing while staying informed.

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Helping you to get the right support

What's the difference between social distancing, self-isolation and shielding?

Self-isolation, social distancing and shielding have been introduced by the Government to help you and your loved ones stay safe from COVID-19. Find out what they mean in practice and what applies to you. Easy read versions available.

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Someone I love has died - where can I find support

Take a look at our advice article on the organisations and groups that can support you if you’re grieving.

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What does shielding mean?

The Government is contacting around 1.5 million NHS patients by letter, with guidance and information on ‘shielding’. Here's some more information to help you understand what shielding means in practice.

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Planning end of life care

Whilst this can be a difficult conversation, planning can help you express your wishes, helping your family and professionals make decisions about your care if you are unable to. Read more to find out why it's important to have these difficult conversations.

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Do you have questions around self isolation, social distancing or other COVID-19 related matters? Contact us so we can can help you find the answers or support you need. 

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People's experiences


What’s shielding really like? Rosie tells us her story.

What can we learn from those forced to self-isolation because of a health problem? Rosie Adamson-Clark, shares her experience and top tips for remaining positive.

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