The Carers Hub Rochdale are still providing support for carers during Covid -19

The Carers Hub Rochdale are still operating a full service and are welcoming new referrals.
Elderly Carer
  • The way in which the carers hub deliver services has changed in order to keep the local community of carers safe and well during the Covid-19 pandemic, but their top priority is ensuring that carers of all ages in the Rochdale Borough are supported at this uncertain time so that they can continue caring whilst maintaining their own health and wellbeing.
  • For both Adult and Young Carers
  • The Carers Hub Rochdale are contacting new Carers referred for support and completing wellbeing assessments over the telephone or via video call.
  • For those Carers already registered, the Carers Hub Rochdale are maintaining regular telephone contact to check in and offer support with any issues faced. They have pulled together a wealth of information on local and national support available to Carers who require additional support during this time.
  • Adult and Young Carers can follow the Carers’ Hub Rochdale Facebook page. From here they can also join one of the closed groups. The Facebook page and groups are being updated regularly with useful information.
  • Adult and young carers can register on the Carers UK Digital Resource by typing in and using our free access code (DGTL2945). This resource provides access to information on a range of topics, online training, and a care coordination app.
  • For Adult Carers
  • Adult Carers can join the closed Rochdale Adult Carers Facebook group.
  • The Carers Hub Rochdale have developed the Carers Community Network – an online forum where carers in the Rochdale Borough can meet other carers, share experiences, ideas, sources of information and talk about the topics that are most important to them.
  • They are using the Carers Community Network to host virtual coffee and chats. Carers are encouraged to grab a brew and join other carers and one of the friendly carers support workers for an hour. Virtual coffee and chats are being held 3 times per week including evening chats.
  • Carers can still access the volunteer led Carers Help and Talk Line where volunteers (often other carers) are on hand to offer emotional support and a listening ear. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For Young Carers
  • Young Carers and their families can join the closed Rochdale Young Carers Hub Facebook group. This provides information about caring, support available, activity ideas and encourages young carers to share what they have been up to.
  • They are using the closed Facebook group to develop a programme of Facebook live streams – short interactive sessions for young carers and their families. 
  • They are setting up closed WhatsApp groups for peer messaging so young carers can remain in contact with other young carers and give and receive peer support.
  • They are running virtual games, quizzes and challenges encouraging young carers to take a break from their caring role.


  • They are still welcoming new volunteer enquiries to support the Carers Community Network, Carers Help and Talk Line and Sitting In Service.
  • Volunteers supporting the Carers Hub Rochdale can join their closed Carers Hub Rochdale Volunteers Facebook group to stay in touch with each other and to share experiences.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services offered bt Rochdale Carers Hub, please contact their Service Access Team on 03450 138 208 or via email The Service Access Team is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

You can also visit their website:

The Carers Hub Rochdale






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