Healthwatch Rochdale celebrate Care Home Open Day by Visiting Cleggsworth House and Oaklands Care Home.

Healthwatch Rochdale celebrated this year’s care home open day at two local homes in the borough, Cleggsworth House and Oakland Care Home.
Care Home Open Day

The day began at Cleggsworth House in Littleborough with the home celebrating Care Home Open Day by having a DD day themed celebration. Year 4 pupils from the local school, Smithybridge Primary, came along to sing songs for residents including World War 2 songs and staff members were dressed up in 1940s clothing. Following the singing session children paired up with a resident to take part in a quiz before completing a picture of a poppy that would form part of a collage. Following the children’s visit residents took part in WW2 themed bingo where various images of war objects needed to be eliminated before a final winner was announced. 

The second half of the day took place at Oakland Care Home in Rochdale, with celebrations taking place in the garden due to the lovely weather. Residents were seated in the shade outside the conservatory and the home used the opportunity to raise some money for the home through holding a tombola and a raffle. There was also a paddling pool in the garden for anyone who fancied a paddle and the home had an entertainer on for the afternoon.

We very much enjoyed taking part in this year’s care home open day and we saw resident’s also enjoying taking part in the planned activities. The open day was a great opportunity for residents, friends and family, staff members and other professionals to get together and have some fun and we look forward to taking part in next year’s events.


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