Healthwatch Rochdale’s volunteers

Healthwatch Rochdale has an active group of experienced and skilled volunteers that are local people who help us be the public voice for health and social care in Rochdale. Our volunteers undertake a range of activities to help us ensure that local people are listened to when it comes to health and social care and the services that we all use.

Why get involved with us?

We need people like you to help us gather the views of the people in Rochdale about health and social care services in the county. And we mean everyone. From the young to the old, the voices that shout loudly to those that are seldom heard. Anyone who lives or works in Rochdale can consider volunteering for us. You can give as much or as little of your time as you want, but any time you can give will make a difference. Share your energy and enthusiasm with your community to make things better for everyone in Rochdale.

Volunteer Benefits
How to Apply
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